Otona no Kagaku (Science for Adults) Magazine Extra Volume: Synthesizer Chronicle

Modified A4/126 pages/On sale July 30, 2008
● Supplement: Analogue Synthesizer SX-150

※NOTE: All magazine contents are in Japanese. English versions are not available.

Supplement Magazine Supplementary explanations / Download
Unleash your sound design skills!
Performing with the slide controller Supplement: Analogue Synthesizer SX-150
Many fun modifications
Control using a customized Theremin mini
Enjoy pure sound creation with the SX-150   See for yourself why even experienced musicians love sound creation with SX-150.

Just changing the sound by turning the dials is fun in itself.

The SX-150 can be easily customized to create completely original instruments.

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Making sounds with the SX-150※Japanese only

Supplement Magazine Supplementary explanations / Download
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