Otona no Kagaku (Science for Adults) Magazine vol.23

Modified A4/76 pages/On sale March 31, 2008
● Supplement: Poulsen’s Wire Recorder

※NOTE: All magazine contents are in Japanese. English versions are not available.

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● Speaker  ● Microphone Recreate the world’s first magnetic recording device!  Poulsen’s Wire Recorder

● Switch ● Electronic circuit

Using this replica of the magnetic recorder invented by Danish telephone engineer Valdemar Poulsen, you can record your voice onto wire and many other metallic items.

1. Erase

Using the erasing head, clear the metallic item of any residual magnetic information that it may contain.

● Erasing magnet ● Wire (stainless steel) ● Head 2. Record

Set the switch to Record (R) and speak into the microphone while sliding the head along the surface of the metallic item.

Click to watch a video on Poulsen’s Wire Recorder ※Japanese only 3. Play

Set the switch to Play (P) and slide the head along the metallic item once again to hear your recording.

Record onto all kinds of metallic items!
What is the Wire Recorder? Webster Chicago model circa 1946
Recording and playing is achieved by passing an extremely thin wire (with a diameter of approximately 0.1 mm) between magnetic heads at high speed.
The wire recorder is a magnetic recorder that was put to practical use before tape recorders. The history of these devices stretches back to 1898, when Danish telephone engineer Valdemar Poulsen created the world’s first recording on a strip of piano wire. These devices were imported into Japan, but they disappeared from sight without being put to widespread practical use.
Magnetic tape can be used to produce very clear recordings.

In addition to the wire included in the kit, you can use all kinds of household items such as scissors, saws, guitar strings, tape measures, and piano wires to record your own voice.
And just like a covert agent, you could even leave hidden messages for others.

Supplement Magazine Supplementary explanations / Download
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