Otona no Kagaku (Science for Adults) Magazine vol. 27

Modified A4/100 pages/On sale May 14, 2010
● Supplement: Techno DIY Set (8-bit Micro Computer + Optical Afterimage kit)

Special website for the Japanino

Supplement Magazine Supplementary explanations / Download
Table of Contents

Starting Point for the Supplement's Micro Computer Board
A New Era of Techno DIY Kits Ushered in by the Arduino

An Encouragement of Techno DIY by MUSASHINODENPA

Playing around with the supplement.
Ryota Kuwakubo/Julie/Keiko Otsuhata
Gan/Michinobu Uda/Masanori Sakaki

IAMAS meets Japanino
Collection of Artistic Techno Works

Diary of the Daily Struggles of a Techno Craftworks Group Manager
Your First Japanino

Moving from the Analog into the Digital Age
Electronics Engineering Chronicles

The Adult Otaku Engineering Club

The Otona Secret series
The Secrets of Babies Go Ohinata

Supplement Magazine Supplementary explanations / Download
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