Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Vacuum Tube Amplifier

This amplifier kit has four battery-powered vacuum tubes (battery tubes) and two independently-developed output transformers so you can get the most fun enjoying the fascination of vacuum tubes. It comes with original stereo speakers and audio cables so you can hook it up to an external audio device like an iPod and enjoy the uniquely mellow sound as soon as you finish assembling the amplifier.

  • Uses battery tubes that make experimenting and modifications easy. The directly heated tubes start working as soon as you turn the power on. The tubes use pentode connections for higher volume.

  • We developed our own irregular EE core transformer with a core material carefully selected to get the most amplification performance from the vacuum tubes.

  • The efficient speaker system exploits the power of vacuum tubes to the maximum. Our full-range speaker with 40-diameter mylar cone and neodymium class magnet has an old-school multicellular horn.


Series: Otona no Kagaku product version
Product: Vacuum Tube Amplifier
Metal material for contacts, etc.: Iron (nickel plated)
Package contents: Assembly kit (Main unit components, printed circuit board, four vacuum tubes, pin straightener, two multicellular horn stereo speakers, audio cables (two RCA pin plugs <=> stereo mini plug)), A5 size manual
Other specifications: Output: 100 mW/channel, Input pins: RCA pin jack, Input sensitivity: 1 Vp-p, Input impedance: 100 kΩ, Load (output) impedance: 8 to 16 Ω, Frequency characteristics: 100 to 10 KHz (+0, -6 dB), Distortion: 5% max. (1 kHz),
Vacuum tube: Directly heated, battery tubes (voltage amplification: 1B2X2/power amplification: 2P3X2),
Speakers: 250 mW/8 Ω
Targeted ages: Age 12 to adult
Package dimensions: 212 (D) × 160 (W) × 123 (H) mm, 700 g
Assembled size: 140 (D) × 205 (W) × 70 (H) mm, 700 g
Assembly time: Approx. 30 minutes
Batteries: Two D cell alkaline batteries (sold separately)
Country of origin: China
Instruction manual: Japanese only. The English instruction is provided on web
* The vacuum tubes in this kit were manufactured over thirty years ago in China. They will perform well, but may be scratched or dirty. We do not accept returns of scratched or dirty vacuum tubes. Tubes that do not work will be exchanged.

English instruction Download[PDF: 2,079KB]

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