Premium Gramophone

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Premium Gramophone

Premium Gramophone

We recreated an old, round-platter gramophone design sold in the 1900s. It has a switch to change RPM for SPs, EPs, and LPs and an independently-developed sound box, and comes with its own special bamboo styluses and bamboo stylus cutter. This kit allows you to enjoy the rich old sound of analog by both making and playing recordings.

  • We reproduced a 1900s design that powered the gramophone with a mainspring.

  • It has a governor to adjust the force of the spring so the turntable spins at a steady speed.

  • We developed our own sound box, the core of the gramophone that translates needle vibration to a diaphragm. You can also experiment with sound quality by changing the material of the diaphragm.

  • Experiment as well with making and playing recordings using the provided recording sheets or unwanted CD-ROMs.


Series: Otona no Kagaku product version
Product: Premium Gramophone
Package contents: Assembly kit (main unit parts, bamboo stylus, metal needles for experiments, bamboo stylus cutter, recording sheets, and screwdrivers (Phillips and flat head)), A5 size manual
Metal in weights, etc.: Iron (nickel plated)
Targeted ages: Age 12 to adult
Assembled size: 200 (W) × 380 (D) × 320 (H) mm, 1050 g
Assembly time: About one and a half hours
Country of origin: China
Instruction manual: Japanese only. No English instruction

Product details Experiment highlights
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