Otona no Kagaku (Science for Adults) Magazine vol.24

Modified A4/76 pages/On sale June 30, 2009
● Supplement: 4-bit Micro Computer (GMC-4)

※NOTE: All magazine contents are in Japanese. English versions are not available.

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The most simple, programmable compute
4-bit Micro Computer (GMC-4) Relive the nostalgic early days of home computing!
* This supplement kit revives the operation of the Denshi-Block FX Micro Computer that originally went on sale in 1981.
Binary LEDs
Used to display binary addresses and to play light games
Seven-segment numeric LED
Used to confirm input and display processing results
Beeps to confirm input and can also be used to play melodies
Hexadecimal keys
Used to input hexadecimal values (0 to F).
Reset button
Used to reset the program memory
Central processing unit (CPU)
"Records programs and executes processes as the brain of the computer
Supplement Features About 30 years ago, computers were called "Micro Computers" from Micro, which means "small."  This supplement is for a one-board micro computer, in which all necessary parts are mounted on a single board. You can input
data using the hexadecimal keys and output data using only a seven-segment LED display and binary LEDs, but you can combine programs to enjoy playing games, etc.  Try experiencing the fun of programming with the simple but profound 4-bit Micro Computer.
● Using the hexadecimal keys, you can input command codes (in machine language) to create unique programs.  ● This simple design is great for beginners who wish to learn the fundamentals of computing through hands-on experience. ● You can input note data
in order to create melodies.  ● Seven sample programs are included so that you can start having fun right out of the box.
1. Electronic organ   2. Automatic music play   3. Whac-A-Mole   4. Tennis game  5. Pitch guessing game   6. Timer   7. Automatic Morse code transmission
Program and Customization Examples
Draw patterns in the sky by waving the micro computer as the binary LEDs flash!
Use the on/off signals for the binary LEDs to control a Tea Serving Robot!
Click to watch a video on the 4-bit Micro Computer ※Japanese only
Supplement Magazine Supplementary explanations / Download
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