Otona no Kagaku (Science for Adults) Magazine vol.20

Modified A4/76 pages/On sale June 27, 2008
● Supplement: The Bird Organ

※NOTE: All magazine contents are in Japanese. English versions are not available.

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In this supplement kit, we are delighted to offer an originally-designed recreation of this instrument. By rotating the handle, you advance the punch card to produce a chirpy bird melody. What’s more, you can also use a special punch to make holes in blank cards in order to play your own favorite melodies.

The "Bird Organ" is a hand-operated pipe organ that creates sounds like a bird.

The Bird Organ

Supplement Features: Record melodies on punch cards. Scissors-type punch included for easy opening of holes.

Also includes specially-created punch cards from Kuricorder Quartet, famous for their theme song for NHK’s "PythagoraSwitch."
Specially designed piston for a chirpy bird-like sound

When you turn the handle, the piston reciprocates up and down, producing a pleasant birdsong melody.

Click to watch a Bird Organ demonstration video

※Japanese only

Supplement Magazine Supplementary explanations / Download
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