NEW Edison-style Cup Phonograph Kit

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NEW Edison-style Cup Phonograph Kit

The phonograph is among the most famous of Edison's inventions. It was the one that most impressed Edison himself.
Our New Edison-style Cup Phonograph uses a special needle that improves recording and playback. This kit will help you understand the mechanism of sound.

  • It is possible to record/play about 50 seconds of sound with a plastic cup.

  • The kit takes about an hour to assemble. It requires no special tools and can be assembled by anyone.

  • Assembling the kit yourself helps you understand the principles of sound recording and playback.


Series: Otona no Kagaku product version
Product: New Edison-style Cup Phonograph
Materials: Body, base panel and horn: ABS, Bearings: POM, Small bags: PE, Cup: Polyethylene terephthalate
* Lead wires are covered in vinyl chloride resin.
Pacakge contents: Assembly kit (parts, Phillips screwdriver), cup for recording
Targeted ages: Age 12 to adult
Package dimensions: 212 (D) × 160 (W) × 123 (H) mm, 730 g
Assembled size: 300 (D) × 200 (W) × 285 (H)
Assembled weight: 380 (g)
Assembly time: One hour
Batteries (AA alkaline batteries): 2 (sold separately)
Tools needed for assembly: Cellophane tape and scissors
Country of origin: China
Instruction manual: Japanese only. No English instruction

English instruction Download [PDF: 750KB]

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