• 30:Theo Jansen's Mini Strandbeest Modified A4/100 pages/On sale January 14, 2011
  • 29:Producing softly lit origami paper AKARI Origami Modified A4/100 pages/On sale November 5, 2010
  • 28:Try Building a Mechanical Clock of the Edo Period Double-foliot Japanese Clock [Modified A4/100 pages/On sale July 28, 2010]
  • 27:The simple, programmable computer 8bit Micro Computer 'Japanino' &P.O.V. Kit [Modified A4/100 pages/On sale May 14, 2010]
  • 26:Built-in amp and speaker Mini Electric Guitar[Modified A4/100 pages/On sale December 17, 2009]
  • 25:Upward-facing viewfinder for photographic fun! Twin Lens Reflex Camera[Modified A4/100 pages/On sale October 30, 2009]
  • 24:The most simple, programmable computer 4-bit Micro Computer GMC-4[Modified A4/76 pages/On sale June 30, 2009]
  • 23:first magnetic recording device! Wire Recorder[Modified A4/76 pages/On sale June 30, 2009]
  • 22:A magical lightening-producing box 'GENNAI'Style Generator[Modified A4/76 pages/On sale December 20, 2008]
  • 21:Motor building with a nostalgic feel Electromagnetic Engine[Modified A4/76 pages/On sale September 30, 2008]
  • 20:a hand-operated pipe organ that creates sounds like a bird. The Bird Organ[Modified A4/76 pages/On sale June 27, 2008]
  • 18:Given the amount of attention currently surrounding clean energy Wind Power Generator[Modified A4/100 pages/On sale December 18, 2007]
  • 17:the world’s oldest electronic musical instrument Theremin mini[Modified A4/86 pages/On sale September 28, 2007]
  • 13:capable of projecting geometric patterns onto walls Kaleidoscope Projector[Modified A4/106 pages/On sale September 28, 2006]
  • 09:Takayuki Ohira’s Ultimate Pinhole Planetarium The Pinhole Planetarium[Modified A4/76 pages/On sale September 26, 2005]

Magazines Special Edition

  • Unleash your sound design skills! SX-150 Analogue Synthesizer[Modified A4/126 pages/On sale July 30, 2008]